Criteria for identification of projects/activities at global, regional, and national levels

The criteria for identification of GFCS projects are particular to each priority area.

Yet, a common check-list for selection of projects in the near term includes:

  1. Does the project involve a developing county in Africa, a land-locked country, a small island state, or a least-developed country?
  2. Does the project build upon something that already exists by expanding the area, locating in a new place, making it operational, or broadening its scope?
  3. Is it feasible in a two-year time frame?
  4. Does it fit within the budget of the High-Level Taskforce report?
  5. Does it speak to the Feedback, Dialogue, Monitoring and Evaluation or Literacy outcomes of the User Interface Platform?
  6. Does the activity or project build upon, not duplicate, the partnerships in place between existing organizations and groups?
  7. Does the activity contribute to the UIP necessary and sufficient conditions?