Climatology, foundation for Climate Services training by Météo-France

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This year in June the 5th training session on "Climatology, foundation for climate services " was organized by Météo-France with the support of the World Meteorological Organization. The workshop aimed to deliver the state of the art in the field of climatology from data measurement to climate change. This year, during the 2 weeks training, 18 representatives of national meteorological services from around the world were trained.

Covering both theory and practice, the training provided an opportunity to trainees to put theory into practice to develop climate services for their own country. While working with their national climate data, participants were further trained in homogenization, the calculation of climatic indices, and the spatial and impact assessment of climate change on drought.

The training covered:

  • Climate: variability, climate change, scenarios for the future, agronomy, hydrology, drought;
  • Climate analysis tools: models, downscaling, re-analysis, indices, seasonal forecasts;
  • Operational climatology: WMO and its programmes, missions and challenges of climate services, climate watch, data rescue and climate services;
  • Statistical methods: homogenization, spatialization; and
  • From sensor to product: metadata, data acquisition, data control, data generation and data fusion.

Since 2012, the workshop has trained 87 people from 62 national, or similar, meteorological services, 11 developed countries, 46 from developing countries, 23 from the least developed countries, 15 from landlocked developing countries and 5 from small island developing states.

Access the booklet here: 2016_Booklet_LD_Pages.pdf


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