Webinar: Integrating indigenous knowledge with scientific weather and climate information

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A learning event on integrating weather and climate in participatory methods was organized in Nairobi in February 2016 by the GFCS Adaptation Programme in Africa, the Kenya Meteorological Department and the Met Office. One of the decisions made at the event was to establish a community of practice to continue sharing learning and a mechanism identified for doing this was to organize a series of webinars on three priority topics: Indigenous knowledge, monitoring and evaluation and sustainability/scaling up. The GFCS Adaptation Programme will host the first of these webinars, focusing on indigenous knowledge on the 12th of April, broadcast from the WMO Secretariat in Geneva (Press Room). The objective of the webinar is to identify current efforts undertaken to address the integration of indigenous and scientific weather and climate information both in research and in practice.
Please register your participation at the event latest by the 5th of April to Sofie Sandstrom ([email protected]). Connection details will be provided to all registered participants.

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