Tonga joins regional project to improve climate services

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tonga is one of 14 Pacific Island countries that is expected to benefit from a new project aimed to provide nationally tailored information on seasonal climate prediction and improve climate services.
The three-year project funded by the Government of the Republic of Korea was launched during a Pacific Climate Scientists regional training and inception workshop held from July 15-17.
Sunny Seuseu the ROK PI-CLIPS project coordinator at SPREP said they will be developing tailored climate prediction information using a region specific tool so that our National Meteorological Services are able to contribute to community resilience and national development planning through better localised climate services.
“We will achieve this by helping our National Meteorological Services access and use specific seasonal climate change prediction systems tuned to island environments, analyse and review the information which can be shared to support the decision making processes in local communities and climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture, water, health and disaster risk management.”
‘Ofa Fa’anunu the Director of Meteorological Services said Tonga is very pleased to be part of this project that will bring together a range of partners from across the region and beyond to help strengthen their decision making processes, allowing them to take into account seasonal climate predictions when it comes to planning, especially now that we are in El Nino year.

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