Overview of GFCS

2014 The IBCS held its second session in Geneva in November 2014 (IBCS-2)

The IBCS held its first session in Geneva in July 2013 (IBCS-1)


The Extraordinary Session of the World Meteorological Congress in 2012 established the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Services (IBCS) and adopted the GFCS Implementation Plan for subsequent consideration of the IBCS.


A Task Team was set up by the WMO Executive Council in 2011 to develop the draft implementation plan and suggest the governance structure of the GFCS. During the same year, the GFCS office was set up within the WMO Secretariat.


A High Level Task Force (HLT) was formed to propose elements for the Framework. The HLT produced the report "Climate Knowledge for Action: A Global Framework for Climate Services" as the basis for GFCS.


The World Climate Conference-3 (Geneva 2009) unanimously decided to establish a Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), a UN-led initiative spearheaded by WMO to guide the development and application of science-based climate information and services in support of decision-making in climate sensitive sectors. Thirteen heads of state or government, 81 ministers and 2 500 scientists unanimously agreed to develop the GFCS.