How should the providers and users of climate services seek to influence GFCS?

To be successful, GFCS needs to be fully country driven. Governments can influence GFCS by commenting on the draft Implementation Plan and then participating actively in the debate at the First Session of the Intergovernmental Board on Climate Service. In this way, they will not only ensure that GFCS meets their own particular national needs, but they will help to make GFCS more relevant and effective for all countries.

Just as Heads of State and Government and Ministers played a key role at WCC – 3 in launching work on GFCS, their engagement in the IBCS-1 would make an enormous difference in advancing its implementation. The decisions at IBCS-1 are of political importance because they will shape the national commitments and benefits that GFCS will generate. Coming just few months before the launches of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report begin, the IBCS-1 coincides with an important period on the international climate calendar.