GFCS Priority Needs brochure

The Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) enables and accelerates the coordinated and technically and scientifically sound implementation of measures to improve climate-related outcomes at national, regional and global levels. It aligns climate adaptation and mitigation activities in climate-sensitive priority areas: agriculture, energy, disaster risk reduction, health, and water. As a framework with broad participation and reach, GFCS enables the development and application of climate services to assist decision-making at all levels in support of addressing climate-related risks. The Priority Needs for the
Operationalization of GFCS outlines the essential activities for mobilizing and developing climate services.
This brochure is a brief version of the GFCS Priority Needs document that outlines the status of the GFCS implementation to date and funding gaps where support is required. It is based on the GFCS Implementation Plan that was developed in a consultative process and identifies priority activities. This information is organized in three main sections: Priority Applications; Building and Sustaining Bridges; and Foundational Pillars. Each section contains brief introductory descriptions, lists outputs by envisioned key activities, and showcases some recent achievements.