How accurate climate information save lives

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NORCAP has a number of world class experts within the areas of resilience, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in their roster. Many of them are placed in highly operational and strategic positions, where they aim to make a real difference. 

"We see that many of our climate experts are advancing the climate change agenda within their receiving agencies and with national governments. That is really inspiring!" says NORCAP Climate and Resilience Project Manager, Astrid Tveteraas.

Climate change affects thousands of people every day, especially in the Sahel region of Africa where people risk severe food insecurity due to droughts and floods.

NORCAP contributes to better preparedness for communities and governments with experts that have extensive knowledge about disaster risk management and climate change adaptation.
The experts help national authorities and regional institutions work together, develop national policies, action plans. They also make sure that relevant and understandable information reaches vulnerable groups, local communities and decision makers at the right time.

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