FAO launched the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

Wednesday, 5 June, 2013

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook has been finalized and we would like your help to promote it widely through your social media channels.
The Sourcebook is a collaborative effort involving colleagues from a variety of partner organizations including IFAD, WB, WFP, UNEP, the Global Mechanism of UNCDD) and other organizations (CGIAR/CCAFS). This Sourcebook further develops the climate-smart agriculture approach which seeks to: sustainably increase agricultural productivity, adapt and build resilience and where possible, reduce GHG emissions.

The purpose of the Sourcebook is to also demonstrate the potential of CSA as well as its limitations. It aims to help decision makers at a number of levels (including political administrators and natural resource managers) to understand the different options that are available for planning, policies and investments and the practices that are suitable for making different agricultural sectors, landscapes and food systems more climate-smart. This Sourcebook is a reference tool for planners, practitioners and policy makers working in agriculture, forestry and fisheries at national and subnational levels. The Sourcebook indicates some of the necessary ingredients required to achieve a climate-smart approach to the agricultural sectors, including existing options and barriers.

The Executive Summary of the publication is available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) and the entire publication is currently available only in English.