Case studies on Climate Services

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Tudor Rose are collaborating under a public-private partnership to issue a publication to promote the benefits of climate services and partice have worked closely in the past with Tudor Rose in the publication of 'Elements for Life (2007)' and 'Climate Sense (2009)'. 
Climate ExChange is a fully illustrated 250-page book with over 100 authors relating their work in weather, climate and water services at international, regional, national and local levels. The commentaries are drawn upon experiences around the world reflecting how people are using climate information to improve their lives. Climate ExChange reflects the progress and challenges in these fields, highlighting good practices in a wide variety of societies and disciplines. Climate ExChange amplifies and contributes to the international dialogue that was conducted at the Extraordinary Session of the World Meteorological Congress (Geneva 29-30 October 2012) as well as the User Dialogue on Climate Services (Geneva 26-27 October) which precedes it.