Pilot Project in Niger

To address the broad range of climate-related issues that confront many parts of Africa, the project set out five components to develop the Global Framework for Climate Services:

  1. Development of a framework of regional and national climate services through 'Early Warning - Early Action workshops'
  2. Rehabilitation and upgrading of the observation network
  3. Training and capacity building for the agricultural sector
  4. Upgrading of the climate data management systems including climate data rescue
  5. Demonstration projects focused on development and use of customised climate information products e.g. in the health sector.

Workshops available documentation

Dr. Tall, the facilitator, introducing the purpose and goals of the workshop.
In the end, the services must reach the local communities, like these farmers in Sadoure.

Niger - August 6th to 9th 2012







Ghana - Accra, November 19th to 23rd 2012

  • Roadmap

Participants agreed  to establish  a West Africa Climate Assessment and Data rescue initiative (WACA-DARE) and developed a road map for its implementation. WACA-DARE will constitute a West African Component of an  International Climate Assessment and Data  sets (ICA&D) which is being established under WMO auspices.