6th Training Course on “Climatology, Foundation for Climate Services”

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The 6th training course on "Climatology, Foundation for Climate Services," a two-week training held annually at the Meteorology School of Météo-France  in  Toulouse  (ENM), took place in February 2017.  This year, a French-language session brought together 12 French-speaking countries.

As in past years, as many as thirty speakers from the different directorates of Météo- France, but also from WMO, Universities and Research Centers, and Meteo France International contributed to the success of the event.

A special feature for 2017, supported by a WMO initiative, "Climatology, Foundation for Climate Services" also trained a future trainer. Luc of Madagascar has joined the team of homogenization experts, one of the flagship components of this training.

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